Bamyan Fine Art Gallery

Meet some of Afghanistan's Master Artists in my home in Kabul in 2009 to discuss the situation of art in Afghanistan. From L-R:

Hamid Kabuli, Ismael Nekrai, Asef Alef, Mohmd. Hussain, Enayatulla Niazi, Rachel Schaus, Farooq Faryad, Abdul Wasi Hamdard

Kabul Lady PaintingLady Painting 183 x 132 cm, Hamid Kabuli, Oil on Canvas Realism

Afghan Art

What do we love about Afghanistan? We love the beautiful fine Afghan art created by Afghan artists. Each time an artist brings a just-completed picture to the gallery, we are stunned by the beauty they produce in war-torn Kabul.

Resting in desertNomads Praying 133 x 170 cm, Hamid Kabuli, Oil on Canvas, Realism

The modern story of fine art in Afghanistan goes back over one hundred years. Even with the years of war, the art culture continues to flourish and grow, with more and more artists pick up their brushes and painting.

man with bow and arrowMan Hunting 72x88 cm, Hamid Kabuli, Oil on Canvas Realism

Art in Afghanistan requires courage. We’ll tell the stories of the men and women heroically painting on even when threatened with their lives.  You’ll hear about the men who protected art from being discovered by the Taliban. We’ll share which artist painted on plastic when he had no more canvas.

fish out of waterDemocracy in Afghanistan 72 x 88cm, Hamid Kabuli, Oil on Canvas

The beauty of it all is truly amazing and sends powerful messages.

What’s more, in 2016 we’ll be making original art for sale, along with posters and other art items.

Gallery Partners

Karim Khosravi

Rachel Schaus

Behzad Qayomzada

Lamia Nabizada

Shekiba Atmar